November 2013, 23-24th - Lotto Mons Expo

The CSCUP team

CSCUP #19 is now complete!

Thank you to all players for their presence, competitive spirit and above all fair play.

We also thank MediaMarkt, with whom we shared a unique exhibition dedicated to new technologies in the Lotto Mons Expo.

See you soon to celebrate with our partners the 20th edition of CSCUP!

Doors opening

We open the doors this Saturday from 6am for the most motivated, but the goal is to be there at 9am.

See you Saturday!

Participation fee

You will find information about the bank at:

PayPal is now available!

09 nov. The League of Legends tournament is almost over

Congratulations to the "Belettes sauvages" for their victory in the final against the "Fnatrique"! (

A final match is in preparation for the 3rd place in the tournament.

06 nov. CS:GO - Jupiler Monkeyz vs FLAMELUX

Review tonight's game at:

05 nov. CS:GO - fuckinBEAST vs GAMELINE

Review tonight's game at:

05 nov. Live tonight: fuckinBEAST vs GAMELINE

Streaming is reachable here:

03 nov. CS:GO - Jupiler Monkeyz vs xpension

Review the tight tonight's game at:

03 nov. Live tonight: Jupiler Monkeyz vs xpension

Streaming is reachable here:

29 oct. Result of the conflict between BOOYA and ilovenana

We received a complaint some time ago.

We analyzed the game to see whether the team should go on or not.

You will find our decision on this page:

29 oct. Live tonight: Elysium Gaming vs GAMELINE

Streaming is reachable here:

24 oct. Live tonight: Jupiler Monkeyz vs DRGN ixus

Live will start at 2100:

GOTV for the 3 matches are available here:

22 oct. Live tonight: fuckinBEAST vs FAMAZING

Streaming is reachable here:

20 oct. First LIVE!

The players connect, commentators heat...

CS:GO tournament will begin soon.

Watch our first LIVE streaming!

PS: Be forgiving of our commentators, this is a first for them
But keep silence, it's between us... ;-)

17 oct. CS:GO online tournament is ready!

16 teams took place in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive online tournament, the latest version of the famous Counter-Strike by Valve Software.

The level already looks quite high!

You can follow the entire competition via live streaming.
You can also contact us on IRC at

All informations about this tournament are available on the dedicated CS:GO page.